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Hong Kong is our home. We need a responsible district governance team willing to work with and serve the public with dedication to better our community.

The DAB will never stop serving the community and is your trustworthy partner.

  • Core beliefs: We love our country, and we have served Hong Kong sincerely for more than 30 years;

  • Willing to shoulder responsibility: We refused to back down in the face of violent riots in 2019; stood firmly on the front line and served the people during the COVID-19 epidemic, typhoon and the recent "once-in-a-century" rainstorm;

  • Transcending class boundaries: Our more than 50,000 members come from different sectors of society, which allows us to serve the overall interests of Hong Kong wholeheartedly;

  • Wide-reaching networks: We have politically-appointed officials, Executive Council members, Legislative Council members, and District Council members who can connect with the government and achieve concrete results;

  • Serving the community: We boast more than 100 service points. Last year, we handled more than 10,000 requests for help or inquiries from citizens and organised more than 1,000 livelihood service events or cultural and recreational activities;

  • Strong track record: Many of our past policy initiatives have been accepted by the government - including elderly health care vouchers, two-dollar public transport fare concession, bidding farewell to subdivided units (SDUs), improving community hygiene and increasing penalties for environmental hygiene offences, etc. We helped shape the good governance supported by the population.

The DAB believes that the new District Council should:

  • Actively offer policy advice to improve governance

  • Form consensus to lead community development

  • Reflect the views of the public to enhance communication between the government and the people

  • Provide quality services to solve problems for the people


The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong (DAB) is committed to fulfilling these responsibilities and working with the people to build a better community.


We propose the following election pledges and sincerely ask for your support!

Choose DAB for the District Council!


DAB has consistently made unwavering efforts to propose substantive and viable recommendations in various policy areas and issues of public concern. Our objective is to enhance the quality of life and elevate the happiness of citizens.

We wholeheartedly appreciate the enduring support and encouragement from the public, which has enabled many of our proposals to receive positive responses and be incorporated by the government as popular and effective policies. Moving forward, we will continue to attentively listen to your opinions and demands, and advocate for your voice to be heard by the government.


We sincerely hope that all citizens will continue to support our endeavors, as we unite and collaborate to create a thriving community together!

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