DAB announces its list of Electoral Candidates for the 2020 Legislative Council Election


Following a meeting on July 14th, the DAB's Central Committee nominated 12 teams with a total of 55 members as its electoral candidates for this year's Legislative Council Election (Refer to appendix 1 for the list of candidates).

Seven of these teams will contest the directly-elected geographical constituencies while four will contest the traditional Functional Constituencies (FC). One team will challenge the District Council (second) FC. Among our current Legislative Councillors, eight of them will stand for reelection. Horace CHEUNG; Vincent CHENG; Holden CHOW; Ben CHAN, Gary CHAN and Elizabeth QUAT are seeking reelection in the directly-elected geographical constituencies. Meanwhile, Starry LEE will run for the District Council (second) FC seat. Steven HO will contest the Agriculture and Fisheries FC seat. Additionally, Frankie NGAN will run alongside Starry LEE in the District Council (second) FC election. Eric TAM will represent the Social Welfare functional constituency, Kennedy WONG will challenge for the Export and Import functional constituency seat, and Ms Nicole LAU will contest in the District Council (first) FC election.

The youngest candidates are Timothy LAU and Joseph CHAN (24 year-olds), both of whom are running for Hong Kong Island geographical constituency seats. We nominated a total of 11 female candidates and 11 district councillors.

Our slogan for this election campaign is "Oppose Mutual Destruction, Save Hong Kong." The DAB feels that over the past year, Hong Kong has endured more than its fair share of violence and devastation. Those who support "mutual destruction" have openly announced their intentions to control Legco, paralyse the government and create even more significant conflicts. Their ultimate goal of "mutual destruction" will push all of us into the abyss. We must strictly uphold law and order to protect our home and allow people to live in peace and harmony, defend the security and interests of our nation and protect the future of One Country, Two Systems. We must also rectify the chaos in the education system and prevent the next generation from being sacrificed as political pawns. We can only save Hong Kong by opposing mutual destruction!

Appendix : Candidates List and Statistics

DAB 2020 Legislative Council Election Website: electionsdab.hk

Media inquiries: Chairperson Starry LEE (7770 0820)