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Candidates, Kowloon West


& Beliefs

Vincent Cheng

  • Married with three children

  • Legislative Councilor

  • Community services:

    • Deputy Secretary General of the DAB

    • The Urban Renewal Authority Non-Executive Director

    • A member of the Equal Opportunities Commission

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Daniel Lam

  • Master of Business Administration(Honors)

  • District Councilor

Election platform

  1. We will strive to uphold the Legislative Council, ensure the legislature's effective and orderly running, and prevent it from suffering "mutual destruction."

  2. The government must abandon its "Big Market, Small Government" way of thinking, and demonstrate its determination to reform livelihood issues.

  3. Set up an HOS waitlist to allow families earning less than $60,000 a year an opportunity to receive subsidised housing.

  4. Proactively increase the number of medical personnel and doctors via methods such as building a third local faculty of medicine and raising the intake quota of medical degrees. Reform the registration system to attract qualified overseas doctors to practise medicine in Hong Kong.

  5. Speed up the development of a smart city and promote open data to help improve public and business services, in order improve living standard.

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Voters from Kowloon West

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