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Candidates, District Council (second)

Starry Lee

  • Chairperson, DAB

  • Certified Public Accountant

  • MBA, The University of Manchester


Frankie Ngan

  • MA Public Policy and Management, CityU

  • Deputy Secretary General, DAB

  • Director, YoungDAB

  • Kwun Tong District Councillor

  • Member, Fight Crime Committee

  • Member, Harbourfront Commission


Assembling All Good Forces, SAVE HONG KONG

工聯logo_工作區域 1.png

Warwick Wan

  • BA.(Hons) Business Studies

  • Higher Diploma (Business and Finance)

  • North District Councillor

  • Adviser, Heung Yee Kuk New Territory (37th Term )

  • Vice Director , Hong Kong Youth Movement Associations

  • Deputy Chief Executive, Hong Kong Construction Industry Employees General Union

  • Director, Hong Kong HakKa Associations


We firmly believe that the future of Hong Kong lies in "One Country, Two Systems".
We must defend the "One Country" principle, protect national security and stop any attempts at "Hong Kong independence."
That is the only way to preserve "Two Systems" and maintain the way of life in Hong Kong.


We firmly believe that only societal stability can deal with the pandemic, revive the economy and create jobs.
We are fully aware that there is no such thing as a perfect society, and Hong Kong has many issues it cannot overlook. 
We must bite the bullet and deliver reforms to eliminate problems stemming from a single-track economy, insufficient housing and the widening gap between rich and poor.
Only then can we build a just and vibrant society that will allow people from all backgrounds to enjoy the fruits of development. 

Hong Kong has suffered more than its fair share of violence and destruction over the past year, suspending people in a state of fear.

However, the nightmare is not going anywhere, as supporters of "mutual destruction" have already indicated that they only need to control over half the seats in Legco to stop the Budget from being passed and paralyse the government.
They will spare no effort to cause even more chaos in Hong Kong and bury all of our futures.


The Legislative Council election this September can be seen as a matter of life or death for Hong Kong and concerns the fortunes of every single one of us.
Please vote to support us, and together, let's oppose "mutual destruction", save Hong Kong, and save yourself!
Defend "One Country, Two Systems", rebuild a stable society and give Hong Kong a real lifeline!

Election platform

Over the past year, law and order in Hong Kong took a severe beating, and the people have since lived in terror. Extremists wantonly attacked businesses and innocent civilians who held different opinions and would blame the Central Government for their unlawful behaviour. They colluded with foreign forces to interfere in Hong Kong affairs and attempted to spread secessionist ideas like "Hong Kong independence." As the "One Country, Two Systems” principle faces severe challenges, the economy is weakened further by the COVID-19 pandemic, inflicting heavy losses on the livelihoods of numerous businesses and the general public. Where is Hong Kong's way out from all this? 

"One Country, Two Systems" represents Hong Kong's lifeline, and the political order created by the system cannot be shaken. Hong Kong must defend the principle of "One Country" and uphold the unity, safety and interests of our nation. To do that, we must stop separatist ideologies like "Hong Kong independence" and respect the constitutional obligation and sovereignty of the central government. These represent the basis and prerequisite for "Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong" and the high degree of autonomy that the HKSAR enjoys. 


We are well aware that no society is perfect, and Hong Kong should never ignore its deep-rooted problems. These include an overly singular industry, an increasing rich-poor divide, a lack of social mobility and insufficient living space. The government must bite the bullet and enact reforms by eliminating bureaucratic red tape and proactively develop land for housing, diversify the economy and create new economic growth points as well as employment opportunities. Only by doing so can the HKSAR government promote social fairness to ensure that people from different backgrounds can enjoy the fruits of economic development. 

Reforms must be rational and pragmatic. Violence and destruction will never bring justice nor progress to society but only create terror and darkness. Any "mutual destruction" with the establishment will only forfeit Hong Kong's future. As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the city, we should especially seek social stability to save the economy and support employment. However, the opposition not only tolerates but actively encourages violent acts and extremist political ideologies. They have openly claimed that once they seize control of Legco, they will veto the Budget and paralyse the government; threaten the central government; cause chaos and violence to create their desired end goal of "mutual destruction". If their sinister plot succeeds, it would surely spell the end of One Country Two Systems, Hong Kong's future, and bury our collective futures. At this crucial moment in history, the fate of Hong Kong rests in the hands of every resident. We must work together as a single unit to stop "mutual destruction" and violence while promoting rational and pragmatic social reform to make Hong Kong a better place. To all those who cherish Hong Kong's future, this is our only way out. 

Firmly defend “One Country, Two Systems”

"One Country, Two Systems" is the governance system most suited to the interests of Hong Kong people. For "One Country, Two Systems" to succeed, it must defend the "One Country" principle; protect the unity and security of the nation as a whole, as well as maintain a good relationship between the Central Government and the HKSAR. If the balance starts to become lopsided towards "Two Systems”, rejecting the Central Government to the point of even advocating for "Hong Kong independence" and so-called "self-determination", it would only destroy the city's future. 

Revive the economy and create jobs

The economy of Hong Kong has grown weak under the pandemic, while businesses face many difficulties and the unemployment rate went up.  We urge the HKSAR government to be proactive in taking measures to increase public investment in creating infrastructure and promoting economic revival while creating new jobs.  Towards this end, Hong Kong society further needs to stop its polarization and cooperate through thick and thin.

We firmly oppose “mutual destruction”

Reform Long-Standing Welfare Issues

Since the Handover, the fact that Hong Kong managed to develop well as an international metropolis and a global financial centre while protecting the rights and freedoms of the people is enough to prove the advantages of "One Country, Two Systems". However, we know very well that no society is perfect, and Hong Kong has issues it cannot overlook. Many of these welfare problems were built up over a long time and place enormous burdens on the finances and livelihoods of residents. They also create more inequality and freeze upward mobility, leading many locals, especially youngsters, to see only a grim future for themselves. 


For this reason, we urge the HKSAR government to change their old ways and drop the "big market, small government” model of governance. The government must break all bureaucratic and "slow to govern" bad habits and become more proactive in promoting technological innovation and industrial diversification while creating even more opportunities for employment and economic growth. We also urge the government to adopt quick and feasible measures to deal with the most urgent issues, such as insufficient housing and the widening gap between rich and poor. We believe that the HKSAR government must bite the bullet and deliver reforms to eliminate these accumulated welfare issues. Only then can we build a fair and just society that will allow people from all backgrounds to enjoy the fruits of development. It is only through this method that the next generation can see hope and enable Hong Kong to continue to prosper. 

Hong Kong's destiny rests upon rational and pragmatic reform, not illegal and violent "mutual destruction." Hong Kong has suffered more than its fair share of violence and destruction over the past year, which brought not a single scrap of social progress, only terror to the people of the city. However, those who support "mutual destruction" are far from calling it quits. They have openly stated that they only need to control more than half of Legco to stop the Budget from being passed; paralyse the government and force the Central Government to intervene. The opposition hopes to encourage even greater street violence through these methods and "fight to the death" against the establishment. There is no doubt that they are willing to use Hong Kong people's well-being as their bargaining chips and will spare no effort to push us all into the abyss.

Therefore, the Legislative Council election this September can be seen as a matter of life or death for Hong Kong and concerns the fortunes of every single one of us. We stand for election because we wish to be alongside all rational, peace-loving residents of Hong Kong to defend "One Country, Two Systems" along with law and order. We must rescue Hong Kong from the clutches of those who support "mutual destruction" and offer our beloved city a real lifeline!  

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