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  • Legislative Councilor

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  • BSc Economic

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL)

Holden Chow


Candidates, New Territories West

Yip Man Pan

  • Member of Commission on Poverty  

  • Member of District Fight Crime Committee(Tuen Mun District) 

  • Member of District Fire Safety Committee (Tuen Mun District) 

  • BEng(Hon) Electronic and Communication Engineering

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Election platform

Our Position 

The mayhem has last for a whole year, causing severe damage to everyone of us. Teachers against professional conduct by inciting hatred are jeopardizing our next generation. I support the enactment of National Security Law, protecting us from violence and terrorism. But we are still in peril, since the opposition threatens to take control of Legco, and to obstruct the passage of government budget, damaging everyone’s interests. To prevail over their conspiracy, we do need every single vote of yours, we pledge to sweep aside chaos, protect your kids from teachers’ misconduct, get Hong Kong back on the track, work on a better future for our home. 


As COVID-19 continues to threaten our economy, we suggest the HKSAR government commit to creating as many job openings as they can to kickstart the economy through driving domestic demand. In the current legislative term, I had been actively promoting the development of new sectors such as the high-value-added shipping industry, which is already bearing fruit. Our effort must continue in order to create more new employment opportunities for our youngsters in the long run. 

We call for government’s action to seek assistance from the central government to expand the territory occupied by the HKSAR. That includes expanding the scope of Hong Kong waters and building a "Hong Kong City" in a suitable region of the Greater Bay Area south of the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge to provide a long-term solution to the housing problem. 


Please vote for Holden Chow. Stay the course, Save Hong Kong.

District platforms

Tuen Mun


  • Speed up the construction of the West Island Line South Extension and consider the suggestion of building a Tuen Mun-Tsuen Wan railway. 

  • Increase the number of train carriages and offer more frequent services on the West Rail Line and Light Rail. 

  • Expand Castle Peak Road and Tuen Mun Road. Expand Lung Kwu Tan Road to help link up Sheung Pak Nai and Ha Pak Nai. 


  • Create employment opportunities by turning Tuen Mun Areas 40 and 46 into business areas.

  • Speed up the reconstruction of Tuen Mun Hospital.

  • Improve facilities at Tuen Mun Swimming Pool.

  • Build a sports ground in Tuen Mun Area 16 as soon as possible. 

  • Construct a community hall in Tuen Mun Area 54.

  • Convert the parking lot next to San Hui Market into a government multipurpose building. 

Yuen Long


  • Speed up the construction of the Northern Link and quickly implement the building of Route 11. 

  • Construction of a new railway connecting New Territories West and Hong Kong and Kowloon. The route must take into account the population growth in New Development Areas Hung Shui Kiu and Yuen Long South. 

  • Provide more frequent train services on the West Rail Line during peak hours and run extra trains departing from Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai, which would cater to the passengers’ demand. 


  •  Build a Tin Shui Wai wet market as soon as possible and formulate measures to cope with noise and hygiene issues. 

  • Accelerate plans to expand Tin Shui Wai Hospital.

  • Set up a conservation fund and purchase private ecological land at Nam Sang Wai.

  • We oppose converting Harbour Plaza Resort City into a building that creates wall effect. 

Law and order

Tung Chung

  • Sweep aside premises that offer illicit drugs, gambling and prostitution in Yuen Long district. 

  • Set up a reception centre to properly deal with the issue of "fake refugees." 


  • Speed up the construction the Tung Chung East and Tung Chung West stations and set up a road link between Tsing Yi and Lantau Island as soon as possible.

  • Increase the frequency of train services on the Tung Chung Line.

  • Make fare concessions for Longwin and Citybus interchangeable and set up monthly bus passes. 

  • Increase the number of parking spots in the district. 


  • Turn North Lantau Hospital into a full general hospital providing a full range of specialties.

  • Improve North Lantau Hospital's General Out-patient Clinic telephone appointment service arrangements. 

  • We request opening up the Tung Chung dental clinic to serve ordinary residents.

  • We request the government to reconsider the location it chose for the Tung Chung public market. 

  • Strive for the quick implementation and construction of a city park. 

Protect family values

In recent years, many people have used judicial reviews and other means to challenge the institution of marriage as a union between a man and a woman, something that has divided society and sparked religious debate. In the past, I have held discussion forums on this issue with religious groups, academic groups, as well as organizations that defend family values. One of the problems discussed revolve around the adoption of children by same-sex married couples. If same-sex marriage is legalized, what will future textbooks teach children about marriage? Will they teach the concept of "two moms" or "two dads”?
While we respect different sexual orientation, we uphold traditional family values and oppose legalizing same-sex marriage. 

Support Police; Support law and order


  • Increase the quota and service hours of childcare centres over all 18 districts as soon as possible.

  • Provide annual "children's medical vouchers" worth $2,000 for each preschool and elementary school student.

  • With the huge demand from residents and increasing population, public hospitals in Tuen Mun and Yuen Long have already reached their full capacity. The government must increase the allocation of public resources to improve services at public hospitals. The administration should also consider building private hospitals in Tuen Mun and Yuen Long to serve the residents in those districts.

  • Take all necessary measures to increase the supply of doctors in Hong Kong as soon as possible. That includes relaxing the registration system for foreign doctors to practice in Hong Kong, and modify the Hospital Authority's current system for rehiring retired medical practitioners.

  • Expand the Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme's coverage to include the purchase of medical equipment The government needs to modify the scheme to facilitate the broader usage of Elderly Health Care Vouchers. At the same time, ensure these vouchers will not be used in scams and protect the elderly from such unscrupulous practice. 

We advocate the following:

  • Increase manpower of Judiciary and set up special 24-hour courts to speed up the trials of rioting cases to restore peace. 

  • We urge the Judiciary to strictly uphold professional conduct for judges and properly penalize those who disregard these protocols to protect the reputation of our justice system.

  • Establish a Sentencing Council like in the UK. Have the council drawn up sentencing guidelines that are easily grasped by the public. The guidelines should ensure proper sentencing that reflects the severity of each crime and act as a deterrent for future criminal conduct. 

  • Enhance standard police equipment to strengthen protection for officers on duty. That would raise morale and strengthen the work of all law-enforcement agencies. 

  • Stop the influx of "fake refugees" to protect law and order in society. 

  • Enact “Fake News” law to regulate those who maliciously spread false information via internet. This will be conducive to crackdown on cybercrimes and false information aimed at inciting violent riots. 

Economic development

Prevent teachers from leading students astray

We suggest:

  • Authorities should establish clear guidelines for penalising teachers with misconduct ; Publish a blacklist of teachers against professional conduct

  • Penalise teachers who distort Chinese history and strengthen young people's understanding of our nation's development.

  • Publicise and record all teaching materials, so that public could monitor the content of teachings. The move should help rectify the trend of unscrupulous teaching and prevent teachers from leading students astray.

  • Strengthen students' understanding of the importance of protecting national security and increase their knowledge of our nation's history and development.

  • Encourage the HKSAR government to set up schools for children of police officers so that they can learn and grow in a safe environment. 

We suggest:

  • Seeking help from the central government to expand the total area of the HKSAR and increase space for its development. This includes expanding Hong Kong waters and carrying out reclamation in the southern part of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to redevelop as part of the HKSAR.

  • Set up an unemployment assistance scheme to help the unemployed. 

  • Provide full support to SMEs during this period of financial difficulty. Continue to expand and improve the SME financing guarantee scheme. Extend the Mortgage Principal Moratorium period to ensure they will survive this difficult period. 

  • The HKSAR government should take initiatives to create 60,000 temporary job openings.

  • Construct the railways specified in the "2014 Railway Development Strategy" as soon as possible. Build and operate the Tuen Mun South Extension, Northern Link, Southern Extension of the West Rail Line and the Tung Chung West Extension. Make use of construction of infrastructure to kickstart the economy and increase employment.

  • Support the local fisheries and agriculture sector. Review and improve existing policy to alleviate the shortage of manpower and structural materials.

  • Speed up the government procedures vetting the construction of village houses in the New Territories. 
    -Protect the traditional rights and interests of the indigenous inhabitants of the New Territories enshrined in Article 40 of the Basic Law. 

  • Continue to promote the development of the high-value-added shipping industry. Adopt measures such as matching talents to attract marine insurance; vessel charter organisations; ship owners and international organisations such as maritime arbitration to operate in Hong Kong. We should use the London model of industrial clusters as a reference to provide one-stop services and offer more employment and business opportunities for young people.

Voters from Yuen Long, Tuen Mun, Tin Shui Wai and Tung Chung

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