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Electoral candidate for NT North West


Holden CHOW

Your Vote Matters!


I am running in the upcoming

Legco election on 19 Dec

2021 for a seat in New

Territories North West.

We have series of policy

advocacy, and are


government reform

proposals.  Time is ripe for

government to carry out reform

in order to tackle deep-seated

livelihood issues, but we do need

to garner your support, so that

we can effectively press the

government for implementation. 


We need your vote to back

our proposals.



Election platform


Up hold One Country,
Two Systems

The enactment of National Security Law has brought us stability and keep HK from chaos and riots back in 2019. Under the improved election system, with patriots administering HK, we can finally stay away from political struggle. We can concentrate in livelihood issues and tackle deep-seated problems.

I am committed to enhancing the integration  of HK into national development, and making good use of our edge under One Country Two Systems, to make a better future for Hong Kong


National Education

As a father of two, I understand the importance of child education to parents. As a patriot, I am determined to press for better national education for kids, they would be entitled to better understanding in Chinese history, culture, and that would foster stronger sense of Chinese identity.

Industry 4.0

I have been championing Industry 4.0 for diversifying HK's economy, creating new industries other than finance and property sectors. In July I put forward my detailed policy proposal on Industry 4.0. We strive for creating more job opportunities, boosting upward mobility for our youngsters. 

I am glad that the policy address this year does put emphasis on Industry 4.0. I call for the 2nd Advanced Manufacturing Centre being built in Tuen Mun 屯門 or Hung Shui Kiu 洪水橋 so that residents there would be entitled to job opportunities in their neighborhood

Border re-opening

Since the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic, I have been relentlessly pressing the government for financial aid to various sectors. For tourism and cross-border transportation for passengers, there is a continuous need in support to workers, including new temporary job openings. Furthermore, small and medium enterprises need extra loan facilities to survive. 

I reached out to people from all walks of life, the most pressing issue is re-opening of our border to revive normal traveling between Mianland and HK. I have been calling for launching a health code with mandatory contact-tracing function. In doing so, hopefully we will be able to convince Mainland that the revival of traveling is safe enough. 




Legislation for tackling doxxing, Gov took on board my advice to establish 2-tier criminal offence, strengthening the deterring effect

My proposed amendment to Stamp Duty law was duly passed in Legco so that residents with genuine need to move their homes are entitled to 12 months time to complete transaction to exempt the heavy stamp duty


Urging the Gov to take appropriate action against teachers with misconduct, including support to riots, or distorting Chinese history. Calling for reform on Liberal Studies.

In 2021, the Gov launched the reform for the subject.


Calling for appeal actions taken by Secretary for Justice for inappropriate sentencing, and the Judiciary launched a new complaint system which is more transparent, and able to safeguard public confidence


Constituency Boundary & Polling Stations

Tuen Mun

South-eastern part of Yuen Long (Fung Nin, Yuen Long Centre, Fung Cheung, Yuen Lung, Shap Pat Heung Central, Shui Pin, Nam Ping, Pek Long, Yuen Long Tung Tau, Shap Pat Heung North, Shap Pat Heung East, Shap Pat Heung West, Ping Shan South, Hung Fuk, Kam Tin, Pat Heung North, and Pat Heung South)

Contact Us

Legislative Council Office

3703 9870

Room 610, Legislative Council Complex,
1 Legislative Council Road, Central,
Hong Kong

Tuen Mun Branch

2618 1112

Room 603-604, Foo Yik Commercial Building, 2 San On St., Tuen Mun

Yuen Long Branch

2474 9982

Room B, 1/F., Happy House, 43 Kau Yuk Rd, Yuen Long, NT

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Your vote matters!

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