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Electoral candidate for the Election Committee Constituency



QUAT Elizabeth, EQ

  • Member, Standing Committee, DAB

  • Chairperson, Women Affairs Committee, DAB

  • Founder, The Smart City Consortium


Reform, seek changes, able, and outspoken 

Dear fellow Election Committee Member, 

Hello! I am Elizabeth Quat, a candidate running for a seat in the Election Committee constituency of Legislative Council. 

I was elected District Councillor in 2007 and have become a member of the Legislative Council since 2012. We have witnessed aberrant and turbulent politicnl environment over the lnst 14 ycurs. Fncing senseless filibusters, violence, and even death threats, my resolve to honourably serve Hong Kong remained undeterred. 

I come from the innovation and technology industry and have been continuously advocating the devel­opment of Hong Kong as a Smart City. Security, sustainability, environmental protection, women's affairs, healthcare, and matters concerning the livelihood of the people of Hong Kong are all subjects of my long term pursuit. A good number of my proposed policy initiatives such as the establish­ment of the Innovation and Technology Bureau, legislations to combat "doxxing", upskirt photogra­phy, smuggling of endangered species, "bogus refugees", along with the reform of Radio Television Hong Kong and the judicial system were all adopted by the government. These results speak for them­selves. 

This year I have decided to run for the Election Committee constituency of the Legislative Council. If elected I can better focus on policy research and the advocacy of policy initiatives, working closer than ever before with all sectors of our society to promote reform and changes to improve people's livelihood. 
For our country, for Hong Kong, I am fully commit­ted to give my all from whatever position I am in, promising to reflect true public opinion of the people and courageously speaking out for injustice. 


I sincerely call for your vote for me to return to the Legislative Council. 

Thank you for your very kind consideration. 

QUAT Elizabeth, EQ

Thin Stripes

PANG Cheung Wai, Thomas

TAM Yiu Chung

IP Kwok Him

fully support EQ

Election Platform

To promote Hong Kong's reform and change, the DAB believes it is imperative to defend the hard-won stability. It would help improve governance efficiency and allow the government to focus on solving the population's most pressing concerns, such as housing, helping the underprivileged, and medical issues. By responding to people's most urgent needs, the government can blaze a new economic trail and help the youth spread their wings to accelerate long-term development. And by improving transportation, making the city greener and solving community problems, the government can create a more liveable city. As such, the DAB submits the following proposals and requests:

Establish a national identity, safeguard stability and security

Pass on Chinese culture, deepen understanding of the country, improve the legal framework, and ensure the safety and stability of the nation and Hong Kong


Reform the bureaucratic  structure to improve governance effectiveness

Build an efficient and responsible administration that possesses a macro view of society


Focusing on land reform to achieve housing for all

Accomplish the promised three-year wait for public housing, assist young families in becoming homeowners and bidding farewell to subdivided housing


Integrate into the national development plan and create a new economic outlook

Resume quarantine-free travel with the Mainland as soon as possible, make good use of Hong Kong's advantages to become a super-connector between the nation and the world

Invest in people's livelihood and support disadvantaged groups

Promote cross-border welfare to provide support to those in need


Reform medical services to relieve patients' distress

Reform the medical system to solve chronic issues of long waiting time, expensive medicine, and difficulty in acquiring cross-border services


Help young people to spread their wings and develop holistically

Educate the young so that they are loyal to the country, allow them to develop their bodies and minds to pursue their dreams fully


Improve transportation facilities to reduce people’s fare burden

Introduce new traffic management concepts and develop a green, smart, convenient and affordable transportation system


Solve problems in the  community and put people first 

Introduce  an accountability system at the district level to solve chronic problems in the community.


Build vibrant green city that has a rich culture

To energize the people, build more green infrastructure, cultivate cultured atmosphere, and enrich the city’s rich culture

Dear fellow Election Committee Member

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