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Electoral candidate for Hong Kong Island West

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CHAN Hok Fung



Watching ‘No Poverty Land’ lately, I was amazed to see some residents of the Cliff Village leaving their isolated community by walking down a steel staircase with 2556 steps. Impoverished for being so remote, the village has now been upgraded with new facilities. A villager, one of the many retired cliff-acrobats, explains his modernised home, bliss all over his face, on TV.

Hong Kong, whose per capita income is one of the highest in the world, is undoubtedly an affluent city. However, the majority of the residents, from the middle class to the grassroots to the ones in extreme poverty, can hardly find happiness in life. While moving up to the upper echelons of society is extremely difficult, they find themselves more susceptible to slipping downstream.


Over the past 20 years, the real estate prices in Hong Kong have kept going up. Many people feel the pain owing to downgrade in life quality. The LegCo have been engaged in the fights over divided stances. The Government could hardly achieve effective governance. Nevertheless, there have been no concerted efforts to address the deep-rooted issues. A deadlock.

The LegCo, equipped with the improved electoral system recently, should be able to solve all these problems. I am prepared to work with you, with commitment and resolve, to lessen the embedded conflicts in society and bring happiness back to society.

Please vote Chan Hok-fung in the 2021 Legislative Council General Election - Hong Kong Island West. Let us reform and forge a bright new future together!


Election Platform

Reform Housing Policies

While the real estate prices in the private sector gone up by setting a new record, time and again, the waiting time for a public housing flat has also crept up. How can people have peace of mind when they even cannot secure a home of their own?



  • Accomplish the promised three-year wait for public housing, increase the supply of transitional housing to help the public bid farewell to sub-divided housing.

  • Re-launch the “Tenants Purchase Scheme” to allow public housing tenants to become homeowners.

  • Rebuild Sai Wan Estate and Wah Fu Estate to improve the living conditions of residents.

  • Increase the supply of Home Ownership Scheme flats to 15,000 units per year. Allow the public to pre-purchase HOS flats in the “New Territories North Development Area” to meet the public's homeownership needs.

  • Full waiver of stamp duty and mortgage insurance premiums for Hong Kong residents buying a property for the first time to reduce the costs of homeownership.

  • Reform the profit-oriented redevelopment model of the Urban Renewal Authority, and add social responsibility, such as redeveloping old districts and improving the overall quality of life.


Develop a Healthy Life

Hong Kong's healthcare “emphasises treatment rather than prevention”, and the service quotas of general and specialist outpatient clinics have long been insufficient. The government should reform the healthcare system as soon as possible to solve the problem of inadequate healthcare service.



  • Add 24-hour outpatient services and increase the number of public specialist outpatient clinics, including increasing the number of dental clinics and consultation services quota.

  • Add obstetrics and nephrology specialist department in the North Lantau Hospital, and expand the existing specialist hospitals.

  • Allocate additional resources for the advance of primary care, including subsidising the elderly for regular dental examination and facilitating public-private partnership to encourage citizens well manage their good health as well as to prevent illness.

  • Implement special registration arrangements for non-locally trained doctors as soon as possible, and build a third local medical school to increase the supply of doctors.

  • Build a public Chinese medicine hospital and incorporate the current 18 Chinese medicine clinics into the public medical system so that citizens may enjoy public Chinese medicine services with reasonable fees.

Innovate the Development BluePrint

To address the ever growing population of Hong Kong Island West, and for the betterment of quality living as well as boosting the local economy, Hok-fung proposes innovative development blueprint, with the aim to shape Hong Kong Island West into a vibrant and pleasant place to live.



Connect Hong Kong North Promenade

  • Communicate and collaborate with the landowners as well as the stakeholders of Northern Hong Kong Island in working out the best possible solution for linking up the affected harbourfront areas together. 

  • Implement multifaceted sports and recreational facilities alongside the harbourfront, such as jogging tracks, cycling tracks, interactive pet zone and shore fishing zone etc.

  • Improve the accessibility to the harbourfront by increasing the parking spaces and enhancing the pedestrian system in the adjacent areas for an easier access and better connectivity overall.

  • Increase the manpower for managing the harbourfront to ensure enjoyment for everyone and minimise nuisances to the nearby residents.

Brighten the Future Outlook of Island South

  • Accelerate the construction of South Island Line (West) by adhering to the principle of ‘universal accessibility’ to facilitate an easier access for the residents.

  • Develop waterborne transport connecting Stanley, Deep Water Bay and Wah Fu; installing piers alongside the seashore of Cyberport to ease the traffic on land.

  • Launch a series of cultural activities such as dragon boat racing competition and fire dragon dances etc.

Revamp the Islands’ Development

  • To change the Government’s view of delaying the development due to remoteness or small population. To speed up the provision of communication and traffic networks in remote area on the outlying islands so as to improve the quality living for residents.

  • Accelerate the “Tung Chung Line Extension” project to satisfy the increased traffic demands resulting from the population growth.

  • Expedite the railways and roads projects linking up the Lantau Island, Kau Yi Chau and Island-West to ensure sound traffic infrastructure is in place to provide sufficient level public transportation services to the anticipated increase in population brought on by “Lantau Tomorrow” Project.

  • Closely monitor the progress of construction projects and their resulting impacts on traffic and the environment nearby.

  • Regularly collect and reflect the community's views on the railway location connecting “Lantau Tomorrow” and Island-West. 


Resume Quarantine-free Travel with the Mainland 
Boost the economy

Nearly two years of "closed borders" have dramatically affected the lives of Hong Kong people. People's livelihoods, family reunions, mainland business, and Hong Kong's economy are all affected.
To resume quarantine-free travel, recommence cross-border travel for residents and business people, and promote the economy, Hok-fung urges:



  • Make every effort to prevent the spread of the pandemic, frequently review and tighten quarantine exemption arrangements for exemption categories of persons, and strengthen the ability to prevent imported cases.

  • Increase the vaccination rate and improve the arrangement for the third dose of vaccination for specific groups.

  • Implement health measures as required by the mainland government and implement a Health Code. Hong Kong residents can be exempted from quarantine measures when they travel to the mainland.


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