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The DAB sincerely thanks the voters and the Election Committee members who voted for us for their support and trust.

We specially thank the electoral team and volunteers for their efforts to overcome various difficulties and challenges, allowing the DAB to make a breakthrough.

The DAB will bear in mind the expectations of our supporters, earnestly fulfill our election promises, promote social change and effectively solve social issues that citizens are deeply concerned about, to make Hong Kong more fair, stable, prosperous, and a secure and harmonious home for all. 

Diagonal Lines

Reform, Seek Changes for the Future

Hong Kong has always been a unique, blessed place.


With our motherland as leverage, our fronts facing the world, a unique blend of East meets West and the advantages of "One Country, Two Systems", Hong Kong enjoys unlimited opportunities. 

Hong Kong is a place that breeds talented individuals who are resilient, adaptable, perseverant and diligent. They are constantly making breakthroughs and creating countless legendary exploits.


However, we also face many challenges.

Society was torn apart by the black riots, ravaged by the epidemic, and the economy suffered as chronic, deep-seated problems remained unresolved.

The global political scene faces upheaval. Western hegemony has blocked the country's development and continues to undermine One Country, Two Systems.


Today, Hong Kong must rise and fall with our nation. We must share weal and woe, strive to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests, and contribute to the country's prosperity and national rejuvenation.

Hong Kong must start anew and revitalise itself.


The DAB is fully behind Hong Kong's innovation and change.


Innovation and change allow society to adjust its thinking, think outside the box and solve problems.

Innovation and change will allow governance to become people-oriented, fair and just, allowing people to live and work in peace.

Innovation and change will allow Hong Kong to seize opportunities, integrate into the country and accelerate development.

The DAB has stayed consistent through it all, remaining loyal to the country and Hong Kong while upholding One Country, Two Systems.

Even in the face of attacks and repeated slander, the DAB remains steadfast and adheres to its principles.

It's all because we are rooted in the community, care deeply about the people, and work sincerely for the good of Hong Kong.


Please support the DAB! Innovate and pursue change for the future!


Geographical Constituencies


LEUNG Hei, Edward

LC1 Hong Kong Island East

Votes received:



CHENG Wing Shun, Vincent

LC4 Kowloon West

Votes received:



LAU Kwok Fan, Edward

LC7 New Territories North

Votes received:



CHAN Hak Kan, Gary

LC10 New Territories North East

Votes received:



CHAN Hok Fung

LC2 Hong Kong Island West

Votes received:



LEE Wai King, Starry

LC5 Kowloon Central

Votes received:



CHOW Ho Ding, Holden

LC8 New Territories North West

Votes received:



NGAN Man Yu, Frankie

LC3 Kowloon East

Votes received:



LI Sai Wing, Stanley

LC6 New Territories South East

Votes received:



CHAN Han Pan, Ben

LC9 New Territories South West

Votes received:


Functional Constituencies


CHAN Yung, Brave

HKSAR deputies to the National People’s Congress, HKSAR members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (“CPPCC”), and representatives of relevant national organisations

Votes received:



CHU Lai Ling

Social Welfare

Votes received:



WONG Ying Ho, Kennedy

Import and Export

Votes received:



CHAN Wing Kwong

Medical and Health Services

Votes received:



HO Chun Yin, Steven

Agriculture and fisheries

Votes received:



WONG Chun Sek, Edmund


Votes received:


Election Committee Constituency


CHEUNG Kwok Kwan, Horace


LAM, Lam Nixie


QUAT, Elizabeth EQ


CHAN Hoi Wing, Joseph


CHEN Chung Nin, Rock


KWOK Ling Lai, Lillian

Election Platform

To promote Hong Kong's reform and change, the DAB believes it is imperative to defend the hard-won stability. It would help improve governance efficiency and allow the government to focus on solving the population's most pressing concerns, such as housing, helping the underprivileged, and medical issues. By responding to people's most urgent needs, the government can blaze a new economic trail and help the youth spread their wings to accelerate long-term development. And by improving transportation, making the city greener and solving community problems, the government can create a more liveable city. As such, the DAB submits the following proposals and requests:

Establish a national identity, safeguard stability and security

Pass on Chinese culture, deepen understanding of the country, improve the legal framework, and ensure the safety and stability of the nation and Hong Kong


Reform the bureaucratic  structure to improve governance effectiveness

Build an efficient and responsible administration that possesses a macro view of society


Focusing on land reform to achieve housing for all

Accomplish the promised three-year wait for public housing, assist young families in becoming homeowners and bidding farewell to subdivided housing


Integrate into the national development plan and create a new economic outlook

Resume quarantine-free travel with the Mainland as soon as possible, make good use of Hong Kong's advantages to become a super-connector between the nation and the world

Invest in people's livelihood and support disadvantaged groups

Promote cross-border welfare to provide support to those in need


Reform medical services to relieve patients' distress

Reform the medical system to solve chronic issues of long waiting time, expensive medicine, and difficulty in acquiring cross-border services


Help young people to spread their wings and develop holistically

Educate the young so that they are loyal to the country, allow them to develop their bodies and minds to pursue their dreams fully


Improve transportation facilities to reduce people’s fare burden

Introduce new traffic management concepts and develop a green, smart, convenient and affordable transportation system


Solve problems in the  community and put people first 

Introduce  an accountability system at the district level to solve chronic problems in the community.


Build vibrant green city that has a rich culture

To energize the people, build more green infrastructure, cultivate cultured atmosphere, and enrich the city’s rich culture

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