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Oppose Mutual Destruction


2020 Legislative Council Election


Over the past year, Hong Kong has faced the devastation caused by illegal riots.

Supporters of “mutual destruction” say openly they wish to control LegCo, paralyse the government and create larger clashes.  Their final goal is to cause mutual destruction and throw all Hong Kong residents into the abyss!

We must strictly protect law and order and preserve the right of all residents to live and work safely.

We must protect National Security and interests and the future of One Country, Two Systems.
Prevent the next generation from becoming political sacrificial lambs and bring the chaos of the educational system back in order.  


Only by opposing mutual destruction can Hong Kong be saved!


Hong Kong Island


District Council (second)

Kowloon East

NT West

NT East

NT East

District Council (first)

Import & Export

Kowloon West

NT West

Agriculture & Fisheries

Social Welfare

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