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Oppose mutual destruction. 
Eliminate rioting.
Start reform.



Over the past year, Hong Kong has suffered widespread devastation from illegal riots.
Supporters of "mutual destruction" openly expressed their desire to

control Legco, paralyse the government and create even bigger clashes. 
Their ultimate goal is to cause mutual destruction and

push all Hong Kong residents into the abyss!
We must strictly defend law and order and

preserve the rights of every resident to live and work safely.
Protect the nation's security and interests, and

safeguard the future of One Country, Two Systems.
Prevent the next generation from becoming political sacrificial lambs and bring the chaos surrounding public opinion and

the educational system back in order. 
Only by opposing mutual destruction can Hong Kong be saved!

Oppose mutual destruction.

Ensure stability.

  1. Increase the allocation of government resources to promptly set up a comprehensive system to protect national security and ensure the effective implementation of the national security law. 

  2. Strengthen promotion of the National Constitution and the Basic Law. The aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of One Country, Two Systems while increasing public knowledge and awareness about national security.

  3. Quickly deal with the large number of court cases stemming from the anti-extradition bill unrest by providing more resources to the police, the Department of Justice and the Judiciary. Increase the number of personnel and set up special 24-hour law courts to accelerate the processing of such cases.

  4. Set up a sentencing committee composed of various sectors of society alongside legal professionals. Evaluate sentencing standards in courts and propose guidelines to enable more uniform sentencing that reflects the severity of each crime, thereby ensuring that justice is served properly. 

  5. Increase the allocation of government resources to boost police manpower and improve their equipment.

  6. Revise the rules of procedure in Lego further to ensure the legislature's effective and orderly running, and prevent it from suffering "mutual destruction."

  7. Establish a "prevention of fake online news" law to prohibit anyone from using the internet to spread false information.

  8. Revise the Charter of RTHK and redefine the broadcaster's positioning so that it fulfils the role that it should serve as a government department.

  9. Reform the education sector starting with educator integrity, teaching materials, curricula, teaching methods and examination arrangements to protect young people from being brainwashed by preposterous logic.


Hong Kong's economic structure is too singular, and

the scope for expansion too narrow.
The unemployment rate has skyrocketed as the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged many local industries.

The government must abandon its "Big Market, Small Government" way of thinking.
Proactively promote industrial diversification to kickstart the economy and 
Create new opportunities for growth and employment. 

Promote Economic Development and

Create Employment Opportunities.

  1. Launch exclusive vouchers and cooperate with the catering and retail industries to promote major discounts at these establishments post-COVID-19 to encourage local consumption and spending.

  2. Create 60,000 temporary jobs to alleviate the pressure of unemployment in the short term.

  3. Proactively cooperate with countries and regions where COVID-19 is relatively under control to establish "travel bubbles", and resume tourist and business travel with these regions in a controlled and orderly manner.

  4. 4Cooperate with various sports and entertainment organisations to hold all sorts of major athletic, cultural and entertainment events, thereby creating a fun and festive atmosphere to encourage tourist spending. 

  5. Implement and construct the rail lines mentioned in the "2014 Railway Development Strategy" as soon as possible. The project comprises the Northern Link; the Tuen Mun South Extension; East Kowloon Line; Southern Extension of the West Rail Line, Tung Chung West Extension and the South Island Line (West). Utilise infrastructure to drive the economy and increase employment opportunities. 

  6. Proactively participate in projects within the Greater Bay Area. Use Hong Kong's advantages in finance; professional services, technological research and city administration to raise the standards for the entire region. It would also create space for Hong Kong to develop its economy as well as carve out more living and working space for Hong Kong residents.  

  7. Promote cooperation and mutual assistance between the airports and aviation industries of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. Utilise Hong Kong's taxation and financing prowess to set up an international aviation leasing and financing centre. At the same time, improve the standards of aviation schools and train local pilots as well as the relevant talent to handle aviation finances.

  8. Promptly increase the ratio of GDP utilised for technological research via the expansion of funding, government procurement and tax incentives. Encourage SMEs to research and develop tech products that could be commercialised.

  9. Speed up the development of a smart city and set up a citywide "Internet of Things" to help improve public and business services, promote open data and support different industries. Utilise technological redevelopment as a catalyst for the process of reindustrialisation and propel all trades and professions to digitise. 


Insufficient land supply, unequal distribution of resources 
and widening income inequality are what laid the hidden foundations for social instability.
The government must demonstrate its determination to

reform livelihood issues and resolve deep-seated problems in our society.
Allow people from all walks to life to share in the fruits of development. 

Start Reforms and Support Welfare

  1. Set up a regular unemployment support fund mechanism to help those out of work get through this challenging period.

  2. Seek support from the Central Government to expand the total area of the HKSAR and increase space for development. It includes expanding Hong Kong's waters and setting aside the area in the southern part of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge for land reclamation.  

  3. Set up an HOS waitlist to allow families earning less than $60,000 a year a one-off opportunity to receive subsidied housing. 

  4. Increase the supply target for public housing to 40,000 units a year and provide 50,000 transitional housing units within the next decade. 

  5. Make Exco responsible for examing and approving MTR fare adjustments.

  6. Increase the quota of publicly-funded degrees at universities and allow all local students who meet the minimum entrance requirements to study publicly-funded undergraduate programmes (currently, only students achieving a "33222" in DSE exams may qualify).  

  7. Proactively increase the number of medical personnel and doctors via methods such as building a third local faculty of medicine and raising the intake quota of medical degrees. Reform the registration system to attract qualified overseas doctors to practise medicine in Hong Kong.

  8. Construct public TCM hospitals and incorporate the 18 existing jointly-operated TCM clinics into the public health system.

  9. Set up a funding pool to begin arrangements to phase out the MPF offset mechanism. The government should assume more responsibility to ensure the switch is implemented sooner rather than later. 

  10. Reduce the age of eligibility for Old Age Allowance (OAA) to 65 and allow seniors to receive health care vouchers from the age of 60.

  11. Ease family and work pressure on women by significantly increasing the resources provided to childcare services to offer a family-friendly working environment. Boost resources allocated to domestic-violence prevention and provide targeted counselling services for perpetrators, and also set up a system to assist in the pursuit of alimony payments. 

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